Almost all countries require documentation for imported products and have certain regulations that must be met to ensure safety, quality, and conformity. These requirements often vary country-to-country. In many cases, U.S. exporters will face additional regulations, testing, labeling, or licensing requirements for their products before they can sell to foreign markets. When developing a time frame for your export plan, be sure to take these potential factors into account in your international market research. Foreign Import Regulations, the fourth of five videos in the Plan Your Market Entry Strategy set, provides a roadmap for addressing these issues.
Last Published: 3/14/2018

U.S. Export Market Research

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Get Help, the U.S. federal government’s export assistance portal, links to many resources, including the following:    
  • Country Commercial Guides provide the latest market intelligence on more than 140 countries from U.S. embassies abroad. Specific information on foreign import regulations can be found in the Trade Regulations, Customs & Standards chapter of each Country Commercial Guide and verified through your local U.S. Commercial Service office.
  • Export Documentation, the fifth of five videos in the Make the Export Sale video set describes various U.S. and foreign regulatory and compliance standards through valid export shipping documents.
  • Webinars on “Documentation and Regulations” offer additional insight into foreign requirements.
  • Large U.S. freight forwarding companies (and their websites) may be able to provide information on the documents you need for specific countries.


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