How to Export

Each year, U.S. companies export well over 2 trillion dollars of goods and services. If you want your business to get in on the action, it’s important to figure out the best way to expand to new markets. The U.S. Commercial Service has developed this comprehensive video collection to help your small business become better equipped to enter the exciting exporting world.

Get Ready to Export

Small, medium, and large businesses all have the amazing opportunity to expand internationally, however there are several steps that must be taken to ensure that your company is ready to export. Find out the first steps to take by watching this informative series on export planning:

The "Get Ready to Export" Video Set:

  1. The Export Process Overview
  2. Are You Export Ready
  3. My Export Plan

Plan Your Market Entry Strategy

After creating your export business plan, it is time to develop a market entry strategy, and the first step involves conducting some international market research. This next set of videos describes the process and will help you learn how to select markets and learn about U.S. export regulations and foreign import regulations:

The "Plan Your Market Entry StrategyVideo Set:

  1. Research the Global Market Place
  2. Select Initial Markets
  3. U.S. Export Regulations
  4. Foreign Import Regulations
  5. Get Export Counseling