This article provides information on general online marketplaces for eCommerce.
Last Published: 10/20/2016

Online ecommerce marketplaces continue to proliferate, each catering to specific product niches,  countries, and regions.  Many of the marketplaces are in languages other than English. If you’re interested in a specific marketplace, please contact your local U.S. Commercial Service office.

Examples of online ecommerce marketplaces:

  • eBay: there are eBay sites in 25 countries. eBay recommends that U.S. exporters use the main platform, along with the country-specific eBay platforms, such as those in Europe and Asia. In total, eBay says it has buyers and sellers in 203 countries.
  • Amazon: Amazon hosted merchants from more than 100 countries in 2014 and helped them connect with customers in 185 nations. Almost one-fifth of overall third-party sales now occur outside the sellers’ home countries, and merchants’ cross-border sales nearly doubled in 2014.
  • promoted as an international B2B marketplace, it is currently available    in 14 languages. It is not transactional but mainly serves as a kind of Yellow Pages. The site is targeted at international buyers and sellers outside of China. In the United States, many small businesses and entrepreneurs use to source raw   materials and products from China and around the world.
  • Tmall:  B2C platform serving the domestic China market in the Mandarin language. Non-Chinese sellers can participate, but we recommend a local partner to assist. A few   U.S.-based companies with substantial experience in China offer to help U.S. companies sell on Tmall.
  • Export Now (China via Tmall;  U.S.-based)
  • Webport Global (English and Spanish language;  U.S.-based)
  • MarcadoLibre (B2C; Latin America)
  • (B2B; Latin America)
  • (consumer products; U.S.-based)
  • B2W (consumer products; Latin America)
  •  (art and collectibles; U.S.-based)
  • (English language; China-based)
  • (English language; U.S.-based)
  • (English language; India-based)
  •  (multiple languages; China-based but global  marketplace)
  • (global; Japan-based)
  • (emerging markets throughout Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and  Europe)
  • (computers, electronics, and consumer goods;  U.S.-based)
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