Includes how to get to and from the country/economy as well as the different transportation options and their reliability within this country.
Last Published: 6/17/2016

Taxi service is available in Lagos and most other urban areas, but the yellow cabs are not recommended, as they are old, often unreliable, and can be unsafe.  In the past three years, a number of company-run and well-managed taxi services have sprung up.  Fares should be negotiated in advance, particularly to and from airports.  Cars with drivers are also available for hire through hotels and car rental agents, and use of those services is a recommended alternative to taxis.  Please see the following link for a list of service providers.  Uber including its low cost service UberX now offers rides in Lagos and Abuja.  See

Congested airport facilities in Lagos often lead to long delays, and airline reservations may not be honored due to overbooking, particularly on domestic flights.  Domestic airline schedules have recently become unreliable.  Lack of aviation fuel, among other reasons, can cause substantial delays or result in cancellation of flights.  Travelers on international flights should arrive at the airport at least three hours before scheduled departure.  Nigeria has achieved FAA Category 1 status.

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