Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

TPP will help U.S. businesses compete in the fast-growing Asia-Pacific region. These countries already have 800 million consumers.  The agreement eliminates tariffs, lowers service barriers, and increase transparency while also increasing U.S. companies’ competitiveness by instituting stronger intellectual property rights protection and establishing enforceable labor and environmental obligations.


FTA Tariff Tool

The FTA Tariff Tool is an online resource to help you determine the tariff, or tax at the border, that certain foreign countries will collect when your product crosses into their country.  The FTA Tariff Data Tool is a database with all of the rates the United States’ Free Trade Agreement (FTA) partners have committed to implementing and maintaining, including for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

FTA Tariff Tool

TPP Reports and Data

ITA has developed a series of reports and info graphics that provide information on how U.S. exporters and communities stand to benefit from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). These reports include analysis of industry sectors, benefits by state, and opportunities by country in each of the 11 countries that are members of TPP.  


Reports and Data