This page contains ecommerce sales channel best practices and considerations to help your business sell more online to overseas customers. The ecommerce success stories here are of real US Commercial Service business clients, who have approved our sharing of their individual stories of growth and development to capture their online sales goals.
Last Published: 11/7/2018
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Business Cross-Border eCommerce Success Stories

The following are real ecommerce business success stories of US Commercial Service clients, all have received ongoing free 1 on 1 counselling from their local International Trade Specialist.

Lafe's Natural Body Care Company LogoInternational Trade Specialist: Karen Parker, CS Austin Texas Office

Lafes Natural Bodycare, a long time client of the US Commercial Service, offers personal care products that are natural and organic, free of toxic ingredients and chemical fragrances, with products such as deodorants, baby care products, insect repellents, skincare, and more. They have relied on their local CS Austin TX office to assist with increasing their online sales across European markets. The work and counselling provided included how to optimize an EU consumer’s experience to a client website, handling multiple currencies and getting paid, shipping, tips for successfully building brand awareness and addressing European’s online privacy concerns. They were provided a final report of recommendations that included: Market Analysis, Online Presence, Logistics, Digital Marketing and Brand Awareness, Payments and Value Added Tax and European Regulations. Additionally, Lafes was provided with a listing of logistics service providers specifically relevant to the company needs.

The report goes into great detail regarding what’s needed to launch a full-blown ecommerce program across the EU. The details regarding what kind of initial investment is needed along with recommended target markets is extremely useful.  Lafes Natural Bodycare has since identified that they are focusing their current efforts on their digital social media campaign and will then focus on their Europe ecommerce market development sometime next year. During the review of the final presentation of the ecommerce report findings, Lafe’s founder commented, “As I stated on our call, the team here at Lafe’s is duly impressed with the commitment of all the participating members of the US Commercial team to craft a roadmap for launching ecommerce in Europe and discussing in great details possible challenges and pitfalls once embarking on that project. I want to say a huge thank you for all your fellow trade reps that participated for providing guidance and direction for such as major endeavor. “

Cloud Microphones Company Logo  International Trade Specialist: Christina Parisi, CS Tucson Arizona Office

Cloud Microphones is a manufacturer of communication technology, primarily for the pro audio markets - musicians, podcast, worship and broadcast industries. Cloud Microphones has been working with their local CS Tucson office since 2003, to increase international sales, expand to new markets, reach new vertical industries, and begin direct online sales, and navigating a complicated IP theft. 
Cloud Microphones has also been working with the U.S. Commercial Service to increase sales during a period of rapid sales channel change. The growth of ecommerce has had a dramatic impact on who the end users that are buying their product, what for, where they are buying it and profitability. Other internal developments at Cloud also led to an increased desire to oversee product distribution, and consider selling directly to certain markets potentially via ecommerce sales channels (website).
For 2017 approximately 35% of Cloud’s sales were in international markets, especially in Europe and Asia. Working with the U.S. Commercial service has been a key component to Cloud’s extraordinary success in overseas markets. According to Cloud CEO Rodger Cloud: “When we first began to utilize the services available through the USCS, Cloud was experiencing a great number of difficulties and challenges with regard to breaking into international markets. Within the first year of working with the USCS, Cloud began to see things shift towards success in multiple European and Asian markets. Now, after several years of hard work and engaging in multiple programs and services offered by the USCS, international sales have become a significant part of Cloud’s overall revenue.”


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