Discusses the prevalence and reliability of express delivery firms within the country, time from large U.S. cities, and relevant customs procedures, including de minimis amounts.
Last Published: 4/4/2019
Zambia has a few reliable express delivery services, including international companies such as DHL, Mercury Express Logistics, FedEx, and the Express Mail Service (EMS) offered by the Zambia Postal Service Corporation.

EMS has the widest domestic network utilizing Zambian Post Office infrastructure, which has 144 outlets and a fleet of delivery vehicles.  Delivery of letters, documents, and parcels within Zambia takes a few hours to 48 hours depending on distance.  International deliveries in the region and to Europe can take between 1-4 days, 3-5 days to the United States and Canada.

In case of export, the government requires a customs declaration form and commercial invoice quoted in any convertible currency for clearance.  The customer service centers and sales clerks at the above cited companies would advise on proper packaging.  The minimum weight for a single parcel is 30 kilograms, but this is negotiable depending on the nature of the parcel.  In case of dutiable items, customs agents require recipients to collect parcels so officials can perform a customs examination.

EMS delivery charges range from $1-$5 while FedEx, DHL, and Mercury delivery charges range from $10-$30 per transaction.  Any mail items with a value of more than $300 would be assessed by customs officials who would also charge a certain percentage for the package.


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