In these videos, exporters will learn about the relationship between the Schedule B, Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS), and the International Harmonized System. They will also learn how to search the U.S. Customs "CROSS" database for rulings on HTS classification.
Last Published: 11/21/2018

Relationships Between the Harmonized System (HS), Schedule B, and the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS)

This video explains the International Harmonized System, and HS based classification for the U.S. It looks at the Schedule B vs. Harmonized Tariff Schedule. Also covered is a Schedule B Comparison, HTS Codes, “Nots List”, “Notice to Exporters”, “Jump Start” Schedule B, and HTSUS Research. The video suggest strategies to help keep track of your Schedule B numbers, explains forwarders filing EEI on the exporter behalf, and discusses strategies for keeping up with Schedule B changes.        

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Online Demonstrations and Examples

In this video, you will be shown a Schedule B Search demonstration, and learn about the customs ruling online search system (CROSS).

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Learn about international trade help, and who to contact for assistance. 

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