In these videos, exporters will learn about the export control regulatory requirements and best practices for complying with them. They will also learn about product and technology classification, customer due diligence, screening, as well as handling controlled technology deemed exports.
Last Published: 11/21/2018
Export Controls Why, What and How? 

In this video, exporters will learn why export controls exist, and how to use the exporter portal and the export control decision tree.

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An Industry Perspective

Learn to identify an export and determine if you need an export license. This video introduces you to the Export Administration Regulations (EAR)’s “Technology” which defines the foreign person, deemed exports, and other drawings and technical documents. You will also learn how to protect your company when exporting, and understand the EAR restrictions on Russia and Crimea.

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Basics of Licensing Requirements 

Can you identify what you are exporting, know where it is going, who is receiving it and what its end use is?  This video will help you classify your exports and understand the Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) and the Commerce Control List (CCL). Also learn if you need an export license, the requirements, and how to apply for and use an export license, export licensing exceptions, SNAP R and the Destinational Control Statement 758.  

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What is a Commodity Jurisdiction (CJ)?

Learn about the commodity jurisdiction and commodity jurisdiction ruling.

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