In these videos, exporters will learn what an ATA Carnet is and why they should be used. They will also learn what countries accept ATA Carnets and how to clear an ATA Carnet with Customs.
Last Published: 11/21/2018
The "What" About the ATA Carnet

Learn about the ATA Carnet and the temporary importation process. Learn about the benefits of using an ATA Carnet, and what types of goods do/don't qualify for an ATA Carnet. This video also includes some example shipments.  

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The "Who", "Where" and "Why's" About the ATA Carnet

Learn who manages the ATA Carnet, where can ATA carnets be used, and why an ATA Carnet is good for business.    

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The "How" About the ATA Carnet

In this video, learn how an ATA Carnet works and best practices, how to get or extend an ATA Carnet, and  how to avoid the ATA Carnet Police. Other subjects covered are: the  Simplified Application Process, the security deposit, the cost of, and the time it takes to get the ATA Carnet.

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Additional Information About ATA Carnets

Learn how ATA Carnets can be exempt from other government requirements, how to be successful with the ATA Carnet, additional services offered, and Cargo Insurance.

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Specific Questions Regarding ATA Carnets 

Learn about the counterfoil, and about certain Latin American countries that do not accept the ATA Carnets. This videos will help you understand why it is better to apply for only the country that they need, about potential reasons that would cause a carnet to be rejected to entry, and about when the ISF filing is required for the carnets item reentry, and when an ISF filing is required for the carnets item reentry

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