Discusses the legal requirements/options for joint venture/licensing in this market.
Last Published: 7/10/2018

Join Ventures/Licensing

A foreign joint venture is understood as an economic entity with at least one foreign company partner. Like all business formations, joint ventures have advantages and disadvantages. On the positive side, a Vietnamese partner can contribute crucial relationships with government officials and clients, local market know-how, access to qualified staff, and knowledge of land-use rights. However, there are many potential challenges, including differences in management styles and organizational cultures, as well as fundamental differences in outlook and objectives among the partners. In some sectors where 100 percent foreign ownership is not allowed, a joint venture many be the only viable investment option.

Technology can be transferred by outright sale, licensing, or contribution as capital. Foreign JVs often contain technology transfer provisions. The Ministry of Science and Technology has primary authority to approve technology transfer contracts. Implementing regulations of the law governing technology transfer have made such deals difficult. The key areas to note are strict requirements for precise details on the timetable for the delivery of technology; provisions requiring extensive warranties; the limited duration of contracts; and restrictions on royalty rates.


Despite recent improvements, licensing arrangements must contend with stringent regulations, long approval times and restrictions on dividend payments, limited contract duration, weak legal frameworks, and intellectual property rights (IPR) problems. Nevertheless, there is considerable licensing of trademarks, technology, and after-sales service activities from overseas companies to affiliated joint ventures in Vietnam.

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