Overview of the different labeling and marking requirements, including any restrictive advertising or labeling practices and where to get more information.
Last Published: 8/11/2016

The Gulf Standardization Organization (GSO) sets the framework for the packaging and labelling requirements of the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.). GSO’s technical requirements for food exports state that all U.A.E. food imports provide information in Arabic, either as part of the packaging or as an affixed label, detailing the:

  • Product and brand names

  • Lot identification/lot number

  • Production and expiry dates

  • Country of origin

  • Manufacturer name

  • Instruction for storage and use

  • Manufacturer address

  • Net content weight in metric units

  • List of ingredients and additives in descending order of proportion

  • All fats and oils used as ingredients

  • Product barcode

  • Name of the food, packer, distributor or importer

Labels must be in Arabic only or Arabic/English. Arabic stickers are accepted. Note: the production and expiry dates must be printed on the original manufactured installed label.  You should consider cultural norms and values when designing and developing product packaging.
Shelf Life Standards

The U.A.E. enforces a shelf-life standard for 100 food products. The manufacturer established shelf life is accepted for other food products. The manufacturer must print production and expiry dates on the original label or container. Dates cannot be added after the fact via a sticker. The U.S. supplier should work closely with the importer to ensure compliance with local shelf-life requirements.
Major government organizations involved in the U.A.E. food regulations:

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