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Last Published: 8/3/2017

Uganda's telecommunications infrastructure is increasing at a 10 percent annual growth rate.  The following mobile companies operate in Uganda: MTN; Airtel; Uganda Telecom; Africell; Vodafone; Smile Telecom; Smart Telecom; Sure Telecom; and K2 Telecom.  Mobile phone companies now provide coverage for urban and most rural areas, though reception quality can be erratic.  SIM Cards for U.S. visitors coming to Uganda with compatible triband phones cost less than $2 and are widely available.  Customers are required to register with a passport photo and a copy of their passport bio data page.  Most towns have payphones, but land lines coverage in rural areas remains poor.  A satellite telephone is recommended for persons working in remote rural areas.  U.S. cell phones work in Uganda in roaming mode.  T-Mobile’s international service (unlimited data, text, and $0.20 per minute calls) works through its partnership with MTN and Airtel networks.
Mobile operators have installed 4G networks around Kampala while 3G networks are available in secondary urban areas around Uganda.  Ugandan businesses, especially in urban areas communicate frequently by email and usage is increasing in line with improving connectivity.  Several internet companies provide services to commercial entities and residences.  The installation of undersea fiber optic cable along the East African coast in September 2009, coupled with increasing competition among telecom companies led to improvements in both cost and performance, though quality Internet service remains expensive and slow by international standards.  Fax and copying services are available in shops in Kampala and at major hotels.  Both telephone and fax charges at major hotels can be expensive.

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Leading Sub-Sectors
Equipment: Growth in Uganda’s telecom sector is increasing demand for network equipment including cellular and wireless telephone systems, data transmission equipment, fiber optic equipment, trunked mobile phone systems and paging systems; switchers and routers, wireless access equipment, voice over Internet telephony, VSAT, computers and peripherals.

Exporting telecommunication hardware offers the best prospects within the Telecommunication sector.  The following products are in high demand in Uganda: cellular and wireless telephone systems; data transmission equipment; fiber optic equipment; trunked mobile phone systems; switches and routers; wireless access equipment; voice over Internet telephony; VSAT; computers and peripherals.

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