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Last Published: 11/3/2017


Turkmenistan’s textile industry began to develop in the early 1990s.  Turkish textile companies played a key role in developing the sector.  Over 20 textile firms with predominantly Turkish partners currently operate in the country.  From the early 1990s to 2013 total investments in the textile sector reached $1.8 billion, 13 percent of which is international, predominantly Turkish, direct investment.  Turkish businesses maintain high quality standards throughout their operation cycle, which allows them to export about 70-80 percent of all textile products made in Turkmenistan, including to the United States, Russia and China.  Textile products are Turkmenistan’s third-largest export item, trailing only natural gas and petroleum products.  However, in recent years, textile exports have declined, partly due to the sector's internal and production challenges.  As of 2013, there were more than 70 textile factories operating in Turkmenistan; 30 of which were constructed since independence.  According to official figures, Turkmenistan exported textile products valued at $303.1 million in 2013.  According to several sources, Turkmenistan now processes between 100,000 and 150,000 tons of cotton per year.  While the statistical data for the sector is not publically available, the government claims that the processing capacity of Turkmenistan’s textile industry has increased fifteen fold since independence.  According to the State Program for development of the textile industry for 2011-2020, by 2020 the government plans to increase investments in the industry to $2 billion.  This will include both upgrading existing facilities and building new ones.  The plan calls for increasing the number of employees in the industry from almost 30 thousand in 2013 to 36 thousand in 2020. This expansion is expected to allow the processing of nearly 230,000 tons of cotton per year and to expand annual export revenues by $350 million.

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Cotton ginning equipment; weaving equipment; knitting equipment; sewing equipment; dyeing equipment; marketing services.


Textile, fabric design, and ginning equipment.

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Turkmenistan Textiles and Apparel Trade Development and Promotion