Includes information on internet accessibility, the cellular phone technology in use, which U.S. cell phone services work in this country, the prevalence of Wi-Fi in hotels, what types of voltage and plugs are used, and other technological information of interest to U.S. businesses.
Last Published: 11/3/2017

Cellular phone service exists throughout Turkmenistan, but its quality and reliability are substandard. There are two mobile operators in the country: Russia’s MTS and local cell phone operator Altyn Asyr. Long distance direct dialing is possible, but very expensive (USD 4 per minute). Operator-assisted calls can be made from Turkmenistan to the United States. The operator usually speaks some English and will be able to put the call through (dial 072, 073, 074). The rate for operator-assisted calls to the United States is USD 2.30 per minute. Direct calls to the United States from Turkmenistan are made through dialing: 8 wait for dial tone 10 – 1 – area code – telephone number. Currently, major hotels charge from USD 6.00 to USD 9.00 per minute for telephone calls and from USD 7.00 to USD 9.00 per fax page. Internet access in hotels is often slow or not available, and it can be difficult to arrange an Internet connection for a private home or office. The government restricts access to some websites and filters online usage.

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