This page illustrates the process differences between transaction-focused,information-focused, and marketplace-focused ecommerce platforms.
Last Published: 10/30/2018

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Transaction-Focused & Marketplace Website Transaction Process

  1. Customer order goes to shopping cart
  2. Payment Gateway is contacted
  3. Payment Processor verifies funds
  4. Response sent to Payment Gateway
  5. Response of purchase sent to customer
  6. Payment Processor settles payment to merchant through bank
Graphic showing transactional/marketplace transaction process enumerated above

Information-Focused Website Transaction Process

  1. Customer visits vendor website
  2. Customer requests information from vendor's website
  3. Vendor responds to inquiry
  4. Business negotiation process
  5. Order fulfillment/contract upon agreement
  6. Settle international payment through agreed process
Graphic showing information-focused website transaction process enumerated above

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