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Last Published: 4/17/2016
Unit: USD thousands
Total Market Size5,6005,6005,6005,600
Total Local Production5,6005,6005,6005,600
Total Exports0000
Total Imports0000
Imports from the U.S.N/AN/AN/A 
Exchange Rate: 1 USD4.775.306.50 
The Tajik tourism market is, as of 2014, estimated at USD 5.6 million.  According to the State Statistics Agency, 213,300 foreign visitors came as tourists in 2014.
Total Market Size = (Total Local Production + Total Imports) – (Total Exports)
Data Sources:
            Total Local Production: USD 5.6 million
            Total Exports: 0
            Total Imports: 0
            Imports from U.S.:0
Tajikistan is not yet considered a major tourist destination.  A 2014 Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report ranked Tajikistan 119th out of 141 countries.  Tajikistan scored 89th of 141 for its enabling environment (business environment, safety and security, health and hygiene and human resources and labor market), 124th of 141 for tourism and travel policy and enabling conditions (prioritization of travel and tourism, international openness, price competitiveness and environmental sustainability), 121st of 141 for infrastructure (airport, ground and port and tourist service infrastructure), and 111th of 141 for natural and cultural resources. 
Tajikistan is very poorly served by international flight connections.  Turkish Airlines is the only major international airline which flies to Dushanbe.  There are very few flights, and the flights that do exist are expensive.  The requirements for obtaining permits to visit certain regions (including the Gorno-Badakhshon Autonomous Region and other border areas) are time consuming.  Generally speaking, the services at the airports and at border crossings do not meet international tourism standards.
The Committee of Youth Affairs, Sports and Tourism’s Tourism Development Department (TDD) is the primary regulator for the tourism sector.  This department has approximately a dozen employees and maintains representative offices in four regions and 56 districts, although these representative offices are not always staffed.  The TDD is charged with adopting tourism-related legislation, regulations, strategies, and concepts; licensing Tajik tour operators and travel agencies; collecting and analyzing statistical data related to tourism; marketing of Tajikistan as an international destination; Supporting the development of a strong private sector in the tourism industry; and promoting a constructive dialogue between the public and private sector.
The TDD reported 90 officially registered tourism service companies active in Tajikistan in 2014, most with a regional focus.  This included twelve in the Gorno-Badakhshon region, 18 in the Sughd region, 58 in Dushanbe, and two in Districts of Republican Subordination.
As of January 1, 2014, the TDD reported 69 registered hotels, 24 of which are located in Dushanbe.  Leading hotels for international visitors include the Hyatt Regency Dushanbe, the Serena Hotel, and the Dushanbe Sheraton Hotel. 
The tourism industry in Tajikistan is continuing to develop, primarily in the Pamir and Fann mountain regions, which attract sightseers, climbers, and hikers.  Local agencies provide all-inclusive driving tours along the Pamir Highway, Wakhan Valley, and the Zarafshan Valley, hiking expeditions in the Fann Mountains and Pamir region (with guides, porters, and mules), climbing, skiing, hang gliding, paragliding, and whitewater rafting.
Sport hunting began in Tajikistan in 1987, and continues to be organized by five officially licensed Tajik companies based out of hunting lodges in the Pamir region.  Packages cost USD 30,000 per tourist/hunter to track (and kill, if desired) Marco Polo sheep, Siberian Ibex, wild boars, and brown bears.  Sheep and Ibex season runs from September to December, while bear season runs from September to October.  The Tajik government requires hunters to have a Tajik government license, a rifle permit, a tourist visa, and border transit permits.  A portion of the fee supports conservation efforts, which have helped Marco Polo sheep populations grow from 10,000 in 2001 to 24,000 in 2015.
American travel agencies with clients seeking exotic adventure vacations high in the mountains could partner with Tajik travel firms and share the commission.  This could prove lucrative for firms with clients interested in game hunting expeditions.

Web Resources
Official Site of the State Committee for Youth Affairs, Sports, and Tourism
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