Terms and Conditions of the Trade Event Partnership Program (TEPP)
Last Published: 7/17/2019

Trade Event Partnership Program (TEPP) Terms and Conditions 


The TEPP leverages the networks and resources of International Trade Administration (ITA) and the Trade Show or Pavilion Organizer (“Organizer”) to collectively promote U.S. exports at trade events, such as trade shows, trade fairs, and through U.S. pavilions at such events.   

By partnering with ITA, the Organizer leverages the reputation and worldwide network that ITA provides.  ITA expands the recruitment and promotion capability of the Organizer by using its network and knowledge of foreign business communities to target purchase-ready buyers with real interest in the sector.   ITA also allows the Organizer to offer unique services to its exhibitors that export U.S. goods or services, such as export counselling, training on how-to-export, market-specific advice and access to future ITA support and services.  Further, partnering with ITA gives potential exhibitors the assurance that the U.S. Department of Commerce supports the event or pavilion and views it as a top-quality venue that will provide excellent export opportunities to U.S. producers and service providers.   

ITA’s Obligations 

For our valued TEPP partner, ITA will: 

  • Designate an ITA Event Lead as the point of contact to work with the Pavilion Organizer on all aspects of the TEPP at the event. 

  • Promote the event or U.S. pavilion to potential U.S. exporters that would benefit from exhibiting or attending through announcements in media available to targeted sector audiences (e.g., U.S. Export Assistance Center, U.S. & Foreign Commerce Service and ITA Global Team industry email lists) and through other ITA marketing channels. 

  • Provide export (i.e., covering exporting mechanics, assessing product export potential, etc.) or market counseling to U.S. exhibitors. 

  • Give permission to the Trade Show or U.S. Pavilion Organizer for the use of the ITA and US&FCS logos on those materials (printed and electronic) promoting the trade event and/or U.S. Pavilion. 

  • Promote the trade event or U.S. pavilion to potential foreign buyers or U.S. exhibitors.   

  • Provide a summary report to the organizer following the event.   

  • At the event, ITA will provide export counseling to the U.S. exhibitors and direct foreign buyers to the U.S. exhibitors to meet their purchasing and representation objectives during the event. 

Organizer’s Obligations 

The Organizer will:  

  • Remit the financial contribution of $4,700.  

  • Designate an official authorized to work with the ITA Event Lead on all aspects of the TEPP at the event. 

  • Coordinate with ITA to promote export services to their U.S. exhibitors.   

  • Provide event registration for ITA staff that allows them to fulfill ITA responsibilities under the TEPP. 

Beyond the standard TEPP agreement, additional value-added options may be requested:   

Value-added Support Options 


Single market delegation recruitment (up to 5) 


Global delegation recruitment 


B2B matchmaking program 


Overseas market counseling program 


Promotional webinar with market briefing 


At-show market and/or industry briefing 


Networking reception 


  • Depending on the at-show value-added options requested by the organizer, there may be additional obligations required for ITA to fulfill its obligations under the partnership, such as complimentary lodging for ITA event leads or delegation leaders.  Full Terms and Conditions are found in the standard Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that governs the TEPP.  A sample MOA is available upon request. 


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