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Last Published: 8/23/2018


Sweden is a sophisticated market featuring affluent, well-educated, and open-minded consumers who speak very good English and spend 12 percent of their disposable income on food. Sweden’s location as one of the world’s most northern countries means that the growing season in Sweden is comparatively short. Sweden therefore relies on imports. In 2017, Sweden imported an estimated USD 225 million of agricultural, fish, and forestry products from the United States. U.S. products have a good quality image; however, after shipping costs, import duties, and taxes the product may not be price competitive compared to other suppliers.

It is highly recommended exporters study the Swedish import requirements carefully. Competition is fierce on price, quality, uniqueness, and innovation, and there is competition from EU Member States (MS) who benefit from the protection afforded by EU tariffs and non-tariff trade barriers.
Agricultural and Related Imports, In USD million2014201520162017 (Estimated)
Total Local Productionn.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.
Total Exports14,73212,73513,33510,614
Total Imports20,20117,56118,41418,467
Imports from the US
Total Market Sizen.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.
Exchange Ratesn.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.
Source: World Trade Atlas

Leading Sub-Sectors

Although a small market, Sweden offers export opportunities for U.S. exporters of specialty foods, wine, craft beer, almonds, and organic products.
Sweden, Best High-Value Products Prospects, $1,000
ProductTotal Imports 2017Imports from U.S 2017 (U.S. market share)Key constraints over market developmentMarket attractiveness for USA
727,55037,970 (5%)Wines from France, Italy, and Spain are very popular. South African, Chilean, and Argentine wines are popular New World wines.Sweden does not produce wines and therefore depends on imports.
31,81814,993 (47%)Competition from Spanish organic almondsStrong demand from bakeries and snack companies.
129,22426,630 (21%)Competition from Czech Republic, Belgium, and the United KingdomThe Swedes love specialty craft beers from microbreweries
Sauces & Condiments HS210390141,71919,282 (14%)Competition from other EU MS  and also ThailandGrowing demand for sauces, preparations, condiments, and seasoning due to Swedish strong grilling tradition, especially during the summer
20,3855,058 (25%)Some competition from France and MoldovaGrowing demand from the snack industry and bakeries
Sauces & Preparations
141,71919,282 (14%)Competition from Thailand and other EU MSThe Swedes like to BBQ and use sauces as an ingredient in dishes
Non-alcoholic beverages HS2202254,0524,792 (2%)Competition from other EU MSThe Swedes like well-known branded and innovative beverages


Swedes have an interest in experimenting with new and innovative products and cuisines. There is a growing demand for fresh, organic, and free-from food products due to a greater awareness regarding health. Swedish buyers regularly travel the world to see/buy new product and make new contacts, so exporters should consider exhibiting at one of Europe’s trade shows (see partial list below).

Web Resources

The Agricultural Service at the American Embassy in The Hague represents the interest of the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) in the Netherlands and Nordic countries.
FAS Data & Analysis Sweden:          
Global Agricultural Trade System Online:
Swedish Board of Agriculture:            
Trade shows
International confectionary Fair (ISM)
Cologne, Germany                              Contact  
Jan 27-30, 2019                                  Tel: +49-3083-05-1152
Fruit Logistica*
Berlin, Germany                                  Contact
Feb 6-8, 2019                                      Tel: +49-3083-05-1152
Nüremberg, Germany                        Contact
Feb 13-16, 2019                                 Tel: +49-3083-05-1152
Düsseldorf, Germany                         Contact
March 17-19, 2019                            Tel: +49-3083-05-1152
PLMA World of Private Label
Amsterdam, The Netherlands         Contact
May 21-22, 2019                                Tel: +31-70-3102-305
Paris, France                                        Contact
Oct 21-25, 2019                                  Tel: +33 14312 2245


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