An introduction to export planning and a template that exporters can use to create their own customized plan.
Last Published: 8/9/2017

One key element to successful exporting is to come up with a written strategic export strategy or plan. My Export Plan is the third of three videos in our Get Ready to Export set. The video highlights several elements inherent to a solid export plan such as identifying the product or service you wish to sell, doing market research on the countries of interest, pricing of your product, and a strategy for finding foreign buyers. Finally, you will need to identify key resources to connect you with buyers, freight forwarders and other experienced exporters.  

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Export Plan Elements

Part I: Export Policy Commitment Statement      

Part II: Situation or Background Analysis

  • Product/Service for Export                                              
  • Export License (if needed)                                              
  • Personnel and Export Organization                                 
  • Products/Services to Be Exported                                               
  • Products That Qualify Under FTAs                                
  • Resources Outside the Company
  • Industry Structure, Competition, Demand Operations
  • Export Control Compliance
  • Product Classification(s)
  • Resources Inside the Company
Part III: Marketing Component
  • Identifying, Evaluating, and Selecting Markets      
  • Product Selection and Pricing
  • Distribution Methods                                           
  • Internal Organization and Procedures
  • Sales Goals (Profit and Loss Forecasts)              
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Pricing with Consideration of Duties, Taxes                                                                        
  • Freight Costs, and Logistics Included                                                                                                                   
Part IV: Tactics—Action Steps
  • Primary Target Countries
  • Indirect Marketing Efforts
  • Quarterly Accomplishments
  • Secondary Target Countries                                            
Part V: Export Budget
  • Pro-forma Financial Statements                           
  • Marketing Materials
  • Travel                                                                   
  • Website Enhancements
  • Trade Show Visits                                                           
  • Other Costs                                                                      
Part VI: Implementation Schedule
  • Follow-up
  • Periodic Operational and Management Review (Measuring Results against the Plan)                           
Addenda: Background Data on Target
  • Basic Market Statistics (Historical and Projected)
  • Background Facts
  • Competitive Environment
For more information on developing an export strategy, see Chapter 2 of A Basic Guide to Exporting.