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Last Published: 8/15/2019


Given Qatar Airways’ continued global growth strategy, especially with adding more direct routes to the United States (10 as of June 2018), aviation is an active industry in Qatar for U.S. suppliers.  Boeing and Gulf Stream dominate the market as a result of the nature of their aircraft offerings, but other U.S. suppliers provide information technology, ground support equipment, and similar services to Qatar Airways Group and Hamad International Airport. Qatar Airways Group maintains one of the most rigorous approved vendor lists and processes in Qatar.

As Qatar manages one of the most ambitious military modernization programs in the world, the Qatar Armed Forces will continue to rely on foreign military and direct commercial sales. Major purchases since 2014 include Apache helicopters, Javelin missiles, Early Warning Radar, PAC 3 Patriot systems, and F-15 aircraft.  The Qatari military is also sponsoring an initiative to create a vast network of military training facilities and programs focused on supporting their recent defense acquisitions.

Major Purchases:

Purchase/ProjectEntityUS SupplierSale Amount & Date
PAC 3 Patriot SystemsMinistry of Defense,
Qatar Amiri Air Defense Forces
Raytheon$7.3B, December 2017
F-15 Fighter Aircraft (48) Ministry of Defense,
Qatar Amiri Air Forces
Boeing (Prime) $11B, June 2017 
100 Aircraft Order
30 787-9, 10 777-300ER
LOI for 60 additional aircrafts
Qatar Airways  Boeing $18.6B, October 2016
Early Warning Radar SystemMinistry of Defense,
Qatar Amiri Air Defense Forces
Raytheon $1.6B, September 2016
Apache Helicopters (24) Ministry of Defense,
Qatar Amiri Air Forces
Boeing $2.4B, March 2014
Javelin Missiles Ministry of Defense,
Qatar Amiri Land Forces
Lockheed Martin $128M, 2014

The U.S. Military strategic partnership in Qatar has made great strides since 1992.  Qatar has proven to be a reliable partner in the region and has hosted approximately ten thousand U.S. military troops and forward headquarters for U.S. Central and Air Force Central Commands at Al Udeid Air Base—the largest U.S. air base outside the continental U.S.  The U.S. and Qatar also signed a Defense Cooperation Agreement in 1992, which was renewed in 2013 for an additional ten years. 

Sub-Sector Best Prospects
Most commonly bought items include ballistic anti-missile systems and a new generation of warplanes.  Military electronics and cyber systems, helicopters for special forces teams, light tactical armored vehicles with weapons systems, GBU-35 bunker-buster ammunition to be used against concrete-protected nuclear facilities, guided air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles, Apache attack helicopters, and Patriot and Javelin air defense systems are also common purchases.

Best Opportunities:
  • Training and capacity building programs
  • Cyber Security and Electronic Warfare Systems
  • Anti-tank weapons systems
  • Integrated air and missile defense systems
  • Navy & Marine defense systems

Web Resources
Contact the Office of Military Cooperation Qatar of the U.S. Embassy in Doha.

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