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Last Published: 4/17/2016
Unit: USD thousands
Telecommunications Statistics
After its privatization in 1998, the telecommunications sector in Panama has experienced steady growth.  Cable & Wireless (a British company) acquired the operation of the national utility.  The company improved and expanded a number of services, digitalized all switching stations and upgrading transmission lines to the latest technology.  Additionally, four cellular companies are now operating in Panama: Cable & Wireless (UK), Telefonica (Spain), Claro (Mexico), and Digicel (Ireland).  There are over 500,000 fixed telephone lines in the country, and over 5 million cellular lines, giving Panama one of the highest teledensity rates in Latin America.  Panama has today one of the most modern and dynamic telecommunications sectors in Latin America.  Main competitors in the market are the United Kingdom, Japan, Sweden, France, and Canada.

Sub-Sector Best Prospects
Best products are PABX systems, radio trunking systems, satellite-based telecommunications facilities, wireless systems, and fiber optics cable.

Competition in the cellular telephony sector opened up new opportunities for U.S. exporters of equipment, such as towers and a variety of supporting equipment.  Additionally, Cable & Wireless and other companies that recently entered the market continue to modernize the fixed telephone system, creating further opportunities for exporters of switching equipment, handsets, and a full range of equipment and accessories.
The Government of Panama has embarked upon an expansion of wireless internet access to the general population across the country.  Additionally, there is an ongoing government effort to modernize the telecommunications services in the different public organizations, including hospitals, financial entities, and public universities.
U.S. companies are encouraged by the advantage offered by duty-free access to U.S.-made equipment, a result of the U.S.-Panama Trade Promotion Agreement.  In addition, given the heavy emphasis on ongoing parts and maintenance, U.S. companies should enjoy a competitive advantage over lower up-front cost upstarts from Asia, which do not generally offer a lower total cost of ownership solution.

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