This is a best prospect industry sector for this country. Includes a market overview and trade data.
Last Published: 2/22/2017
 Unit: USD Millions
Total Market Size361397432466
Local Production0000
Total Exports0000
Total Imports361397432466
Imports from the U.S.288316341372

Note: The above statistics are unofficial estimates.
Computer products from the U.S. are well received and are perceived as incorporating state-of-the-art technology.  The U.S. has a strong position in this market with a market share exceeding 60%.  Prices for U.S. computers and peripherals are competitive against products from Korea, Taiwan, and Japan.  The most promising end-users are banks, commercial establishments, universities, the Panama Canal Authority, and Panamanian government entities.
The following factors are responsible for the continued positive outlook of this sector:

  • Office automation is a growing trend in both the public and private sectors.
  • There are many accessible computer suppliers both locally and abroad, particularly in the Miami area.
  • There is a growing computer culture, which resulted from government programs aimed at increasing the use of computers/Internet, and modernization of existing systems in government offices as well as in public schools.
  • There is a close connection with the U.S., particularly among young Panamanians who have gone to U.S. schools or look with favor on the social networking culture.  Internet services, computer magazines, journals, and other literature from the U.S. are widely available. 
  • Import duty on U.S.-origin products have been reduced to zero as a result of the Trade Promotion Agreement between the U.S. and Panama.

Sub-Sector Best Prospects                                                   

Best prospects include personal computers, laptops, LAN equipment, and laser printers.


The Government of Panama is a major end-user; it has committed to increasing the use of and modernization of computer systems, and has promoted access to the Internet for most of the population.  The Panama Canal and the banking sector are also important buyers of computer equipment and maintain latest technology and equipment.  The Panama Canal, which is an autonomous entity, has set a high standard for the Panamanian government by publicizing all public tenders, both upcoming and awarded, in a fully-searchable database that is web-accessible to the public.

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