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Last Published: 10/24/2018


Best product prospects

Commodity / code

Imports, 2017, $US millions

Imports from U.S., 2017 (U.S. market share)

Key Constraints Over Market Development

Market Attractiveness for USA

Oils and Fats



Sustainability requirements.

EU legislation supports the use of biofuels produced from waste fats and oils.




GM content and sustainability of production

No tariff in place and GM content and sustainability accepted for most feed purposes.

Food preparations



Competition from suppliers in EU countries such as Germany, Belgium and the U.K.

Dutch food processing needs high quality and unique food preparations such as aromas and flavorings for producing food products.

Craft beer



Transportation costs and time. Competition from craft beer suppliers in EU countries and general competition from wines.

Restaurants are increasingly serving craft beer to complement different meals (craft beer - food pairing).

Sweet potatoes



Still some unfamiliarity on preparation and usage of sweet potatoes. Competition from Honduras, China, and Egypt.  Discussion on the MRL of Thiabendazole.

Restaurants are increasingly serving sweet potatoes.  There is demand for variety and quality products. Consumers favor the U.S. Covington variety.

Wood pellets



Sustainability requirements.

Subsidy program for co-firing in place.




The more traditional consumer is unfamiliar with humus or usage of chickpeas.

The younger and more traveled persons consume humus and use chickpeas in soups, salads, and meals.  This market is a grow market for U.S. producers of chickpeas

Source:  World Trade Atlas

Dutch importers distribute U.S. exports throughout the EU.  In 2017, Dutch agricultural imports were valued at $75 billion.  Imports from the United States totaled $3.1 billion.  The port of Rotterdam is the largest port by volume in Europe and the sixth largest port in the world.  The Dutch are excellent traders, and much of the agricultural imports are re-exported directly or after adding value.  The Netherlands is the world’s largest exporter of agricultural products after the United States.

For the United States, the Netherlands is the largest market within the EU for commodity and consumer-oriented products.  Dutch imports of commodities from the United States increased in 2016 and 2017 due to the elevated imports of soybeans.  Dutch imports of consumer-oriented products from the United States continued to grow until 2015 but have declined since driven by lower imports of almonds and fresh beef.  

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