Describes how widely eCommerce is used, the primary sectors that sell through e-commerce, and how much product/service in each sector is sold through e-commerce versus brick-and-mortar retail. Includes what a company needs to know to take advantage of e-commerce in the local market and , reputable, prominent B2B websites.
Last Published: 11/8/2016
The Internet had a late start in Nepal compared to many other developing nations. As of January, 2015, there were 47 Internet service providers, with around 100,244 accounts. The total number of Internet users was approximately 10,276,748 nationwide as of January 2015. Roughly 30 percent of these accounts are commercial, with businesses using the Internet to promote their products and services and communicate with foreign businesses.  Activity is concentrated in Kathmandu and a half dozen other cities iNepal. While relatively little business activity is conducted online, the market is growing. As of May 2014, there were 30,198 registered commercial websites out of a total o42,784 registered websites in Nepal. Many businesses, such as airlines, hotels, and travel agents, rely on the Internet when dealing with foreign partners.
Electronic commerce websites are mostly based outside Nepal where credit card verification services are available. Credit card transfers and transfers from e -banking websites are accepted, but Nepalis who do not have a dollar account cannot make payments in foreign currency. F oreign exchange is regulated and is not freely available. There are a few business-to-business websites.  Some popular ones include,, and  These sites are mostl
used to send gifts during religious festivals. Overseas Nepalis are the most frequent users, and delivery of goods is done primarily within Nepal.

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