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Last Published: 7/26/2019


Relatively stable economic conditions and new investments in construction have contributed to the expansion of the building materials market in Montenegro.  In particular, Montenegro’s housing market is experiencing rapid growth.  Building materials is one of the fastest growing sectors of the country's economy.

Traditionally, Montenegrin buildings were constructed with un-reinforced brick covered with concrete stucco or, more recently, with steel-reinforced concrete with brick infill.  Montenegrin buildings are energy inefficient, heavy, and take a long time to build.  Wood and steel frame buildings are rare, though Montenegrin builders are starting to look at American-style platform-frame wood construction and pre-fabricated housing.  Most building materials, such as glass, cement, paint and varnishes, are imported.  Montenegro has no applicable standards or testing in the building sector.

Materials from well-known manufacturers that have certificates from the country of origin are accepted in the market based on technical merit.

The existing situation in the housing and urban market in Montenegro offers opportunities to promote high-tech American building materials based on advanced U.S. technology.  Potential U.S. exports to this sector may include: wood and vinyl windows, doors, flooring, kitchen cabinets, suspended ceilings, insulation, adhesives, cements, roof shingles, heating and ventilation equipment, air conditioning, refrigeration and cooling systems, steel buildings and fabrications.  Other potential products from the United States could include framing lumber, plywood, molding, solar panels and fiberboard.  In addition, the Montenegro remodeling market may grow significantly over the long term, offering U.S. companies opportunities in this subsector. 


Building and construction is one of Montenegro's growth sectors.  It offers opportunities for U.S. companies in luxury properties, holiday real estate, administrative buildings and trade outlets.  The tourism sector also fuels market demands as Montenegro invests in Adriatic Sea summer resorts and mountain ski resorts.

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