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Last Published: 5/18/2017

Aseptico, Inc.

“If you can’t eat because your teeth hurt, it impacts your overall health,” said Stefan Gefter, director of international sales for Aseptico, Inc. That explains, in part, why the firm is producing and selling portable dental equipment geared to the developing world. 

The Woodinville, Washington-based SME recently won a bid to provide 65 sets of portable dental equipment to Nicaragua, including dental chairs, and is bidding on another project to supply 100 sets of portable dental equipment to the Middle East.

Aseptico manufactures and distributes electric motors for restorative, implant, oral surgery and endodontic dentistry; and produces field dental equipment used by military, public health, nursing home and humanitarian organizations.

International sales have always been a part of Aseptico’s distribution mix. The company was first approached by international distributors at trade shows more than 40 years ago, and now exports to more than 125 countries. As the firm shifted from consumables to equipment, it found strong international demand for U.S.-made dental products. International regions have become more dental savvy in the past 25 years, creating a demand for quality dental products that has enabled Aseptico to grow.

“The U.S. is only so big and there’s great potential in the global marketplace to increase our bottom line,” said Gefter. “Exporting is good for our reputation and it provides opportunities for us to collaborate with new strategic partners.”

Aseptico’s robust export sales, representing more than 15 percent of total sales, helps the firm maintain jobs for its114 employees and has resulted in hiring additional staff to meet the increased demand.
Aseptico has five staff dedicated to exporting, with responsibilities covering international sales, marketing strategy, logistics, quality assurance and regulatory support. Exports also support 12 engineers who design products for domestic and international markets; and 60 manufacturing staff who create, package and assemble the products.

Companies wishing to sell their products or services in international markets must first do their homework and be prepared to commit resources and modify products to meet local demand, as Aseptico does. “Exporting can be very different from selling products in the U.S. The language, culture and competition is different. It is not as straightforward as selling domestically,” Gefter said.

This is where the U.S. Commercial Service, the export promotion arm of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration, can help. Trade experts in over 100 domestic offices and 75 countries can help U.S. companies identify international sales opportunities, create an export strategy and connect with potential foreign partners.

For example, exports of U.S. dental equipment must comply with regulatory and licensing requirements which vary by country, and can be confusing for both new and experienced exporters. U.S. Commercial Service healthcare industry specialists can help companies understand these regulations and take the necessary steps to ensure that products are successfully cleared to sell in international markets.

"I greatly appreciate the collaborative relationship we have with the U.S. Commercial Service,” said Gefter. “They have provided us with expert advice to enable us to continue our sales expansion worldwide.”
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Lucigen Corporation

Woman performing DNA testing - Lucigen Corporation
Lucigen Corporation, located in Middleton, Wis., is a life science company that provides DNA cloning, sequencing, and protein expression to scientific researchers.

Despite success in the U.S., Lucigen was intent on developing an international business strategy and finding channel partners in Northern Europe in order to expand its global competitiveness. Inspired after it completed the ExporTech program, Lucigen wanted to expand its presence in Norway and Sweden. In 2014, Lucigen hired Glaselyn Miller, Director of Global Sales and Distribution, to lead these efforts and build its proactive approach to expanding around the world.

Lucigen executive reached out to the U.S. Commercial Service to identify pre-screened distributors in Norway and Sweden. Ms. Miller says this about the experience:

“By using Commercial Service matchmaking services, our company was able to leverage their market knowledge and expertise, saving us valuable time qualifying potential partners. They helped us liaise with distribution companies in our industry—experienced companies with a good reputation in the market. Through their assistance, we were able to appoint a new distributor resulting in an immediate impact on our sales.”

Lucigen’s sales rose 30 percent in Norway and Sweden only three months into using their new distributor. The rise in exports supports 25 jobs at its Middleton, Wisconsin, headquarters near Madison.

Lucigen’s expansion in Northern Europe is a result of the collaboration between U.S. firms and state and federal partners, collaborations that can transform U.S. companies from “occasional” exporters to organizations that prioritize international growth in their business strategy.

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