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Last Published: 7/13/2018

Phenix Technology, Inc.

Phenix Technology, Inc. is a manufacturer of products and equipment for emergency service personnel. Located in the sunny state of California, Phenix Technology, Inc. has become a successful exporter by investing time in learning about exports and participating in U.S. Commercial Service activities. The company is best known for American-made rescue and firefighting helmets.

Phenix Technology Inc. is an E-Award recipient.


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Cincinnati Crane & Hoist

Veteran-owned Cincinnati Crane & Hoist recently made its first sale in the Dominican Republic. Learn how they used the U.S. Commercial Service to find the right international partner.
With domestic growth of over 400 percent in the last three years, Cincinnati Crane & Hoist was interested in exploring international opportunities, starting with the Dominican Republic. They looked to the U.S. Commercial Service for help.
Based in Harrison, Ohio, and a veteran owned small business, Cincinnati Crane & Hoist is a manufacturer and installer of overhead crane system solutions for commercial, industrial, and specialty applications.

Through multiple counseling sessions with Commercial Service staff in Cincinnati and Santa Domingo, the company received market intelligence on the Dominican Republic. This included an overview of the US­DR Free Trade Agreement, potential challenges for U.S. companies, labor laws, foreign trade zones, regulations for importing raw materials, customs procedures, and insight into the steel industry.

As a direct result of working with the U.S. Commercial Service, Cincinnati Crane & Hoist received a purchase order for four cranes, with total export sales over USD $800,000.
Also, because of this sale, the company reported an increase in international brand awareness and expects additional international inquiries in the near future.
“It was a tremendous help to have an on the ground ally with the US Commercial Service. We were able to quote this sale with confidence, knowing that the U.S. Commercial Service had the knowledge and insight to help us successfully complete the order.”
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Balco Incorporated

Balco Incorporated was able to hire more workers as its export sales increased with the help of the U.S. Commercial Service.

Balco Incorporated, based in Wichita, Kansas, manufactures products for the architectural construction industry, used primarily to enhance structural building safety in the event of a disaster (i.e. severe weather, fire, etc.).

After a massive drop in the U.S. construction market between 2008 and 2010, Balco decided to take the internal economic hit as an opportunity for growth by reaching out to the U.S. Commercial Service for assistance with international expansion. With the revenue generated from export sales, the company was able not only to retain and repurpose much of its entire workforce, but also hire U.S. employees to focus solely on exports.

Balco credits the U.S. Commercial Service with helping it achieve international sales, and would recommend them to others seeking help with exporting. Recently, Balco was a recipient of two prestigious awards, the President's E and E-Star Awards, conferred by the U.S. Department of Commerce and facilitated by the Department's export promotion arm, the U.S. Commercial Service.

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Cloud Microphones

Cloud Microphones partnered with the Navajo Nation to find international success.

Cloud Microphones of Tucson, Arizona, is a manufacturer of hand crafted ribbon microphones used by artists and professionals worldwide. The company has achieved a staggering 427 percent increase in international sales in the past several years, and attributes this success, in part, to support provided by the U.S. Commercial Service.

When Cloud Microphones examined its manufacturing strategy, the company was determined to source locally and partnered with Tooh Dineh manufacturing within the Navajo Nation.  This decision helped bring vital, well-paying jobs to a community where unemployment levels hover around 47 percent.

Cloud Microphones is an active client of the U.S. Commercial Service – Tucson, Arizona office, and has tapped numerous Commerce Department programs to support their international expansion. 

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Combustion Associates

Combustion Associates used the U.S. Commercial Service to navigate doing business in Africa. As a result, the company was able to deliver electricity to underserved areas in West Africa.

Combustion Associates, based in Corona, California, manufactures power generators.

The company has worked extensively with U.S. Commercial Service offices in Africa.  Combustion Associates recently built a small power plant in Benin, bringing desperately needed electricity to some of the poorest parts of West Africa.

The company's president, Kusum Kavia, mentions that international sales have helped her business create many new high paying U.S. jobs in the engineering, manufacturing and electronics sectors.  She highly recommends that other U.S. companies consider working with the U.S. Commercial Service to find local partners, as doing business is Africa is very different than in other parts of the world.  The U.S. Commercial Service has been a valuable partner in helping her company understand and navigate several important emerging markets.

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Diamon-Fusion International

Diamon-Fusion frequently uses business matchmaking services from the U.S. Commercial Service to help them find prequalified international distribution prospects.

Diamon-Fusion International, based in Irvine, California, manufactures a variety of surface protective coating machines that are used in the automotive, commercial, residential, and marine industry sectors.

The company has worked with the U.S. Commercial Service in several countries including Germany, Brazil, Indonesia, and Australia.  Diamon-Fusion is a fan of the U.S. Commercial Service Gold Key Matching Program because it helps them prequalify international distribution prospects, which, in turn, saves time and money.

Diamon-Fusion Vice President of Business Development, Guillermo Seta, credits the U.S. Commercial Service with helping them save an important sale in Brazil by working with Brazilian Customs to re-classify their products.

Diamon-Fusion's, COO Russ Slaybaugh, mentioned the increase in revenue from foreign sales has helped the company maintain and expand U.S. jobs. 

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Hoosier Gasket Corporation

“The biggest misconception businesses have about selling internationally is that only large corporations with hundreds of millions or billions in sales can export effectively,” explains Oleg Gostomelsky, Vice President at Hoosier Gasket Corp.

Hoosier Gasket’s export growth shows how U.S. small business can win in today’s global marketplace.

After making their first export sale in 2007, Hoosier Gaskets began aggressively exploring other potential markets by using the U.S. Commercial Service’s Gold Key matchmaking service.

“The U.S. Commercial Service’s Gold Key program has been an outstanding tool in arranging initial introductions to potential foreign customers. We have used this program in four different countries,” describes Gostomelsky. “As just one example, this program has helped us successfully develop our largest Ukrainian customer.”

The company’s international sales now account for 15 percent of total sales, supporting 15 percent of the 140 jobs in their Indianapolis-based headquarters.
Hoosier Gasket’s motivation for growing their exports was the realization that 95 percent of the world’s population and 75 percent of the world’s purchasing power are outside of the U.S.
“We realized that if we want to grow effectively, we cannot afford to ignore the vast majority of our potential customers,” says Gostomelsky. The firm exported to 19 countries in 2016, a testament to the demand for high-quality, American-made products that exists around the world.  

Growing your company’s exports has its challenges, however, and every market is unique. Hoosier Gaskets most significant challenges have been understanding foreign export regulations and making initial contact with potential overseas customers. In both instances, the Indiana U.S. Commercial Service office and the Commercial Specialists at U.S. Embassies and Consulates have helped the company leap over those hurdles and bound into more international markets.
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