Discusses the prevalence and reliability of express delivery firms within the country, time from large U.S. cities, and relevant customs procedures, including de minimis amounts.
Last Published: 3/29/2019

The Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (MOPT) provides postal services, including regular mail (letters), registered mail, express mail, expedited mail service (EMS), and delivery of parcels and packages.  The MOPT also offers mail insurance, institutional mail delivery services, home mail delivery, diplomatic pouch services, drop bag service, and lock box services.  Users of these services, including the EMS, have reported that they are reliable.  Although an express delivery system is not fully developed in Liberia, some express delivery, courier, and shipping services are offered by local in-country agents of international parcel delivery companies such as DHL, Fedex, UPS and Nobel.  For express shipment to Liberia, the expected delivery or shipping times, charges (including de minimis value for duty), guidelines, relevant customs procedures, standard prohibitions, and restrictions can be obtained from the service provider and may vary depending on which items are shipped or delivery service used.  The service provider may collect some other fees charged by the Liberian government when a product or an item is delivered; it is also possible to receive a bill at a later date after delivery.  There is no home mail delivery and/or standard address system.  Although costly, FedEx and DHL do deliver mail and parcels to clients in Monrovia and its environs. The major buying holiday seasons in Liberia are July (July 26 is Liberia’s Independence Day) and December (for the Christmas season).        

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