Includes customs regulations and contact information for this country's customs office.
Last Published: 3/29/2019

The LRA is principally responsible for operating Liberian customs, including the collection of taxes on goods imported into or exported from Liberia through all ports of entries, including land borders.  The main categories of trade tax the LRA collects include import duties, international goods and service tax (GST), and excise tax for excisable goods.  The LRA also collects other trade-related fees where applicable, including the ECOWAS Trade Levy (ETL) on imports from non-ECOWAS points of origin, customs users’ fees, export fees, and royalties on mineral exports.  Being the lead border agency for processing the international trade in goods, the LRA has the sole responsibility to serve as the repository for international trade statistics.  While the LRA collects needed revenue on behalf of the government, the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) remains directly in charge of tax policy and revenue management and allocations within the government. See contact information for LRA’s customs office:
Commissioner of Customs, Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA)
Phone: (231) 886-727666,

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Liberia Foreign Trade Regulations