Overview of best prospect sectors, major infrastructure projects, significant government procurements and business opportunities.
Last Published: 10/30/2018
Kuwait is undergoing significant expansion in the building and construction industry. The government has approved a USD 104 billion National Development Plan that includes construction of major roadways, a new airport, new hospitals, new residential developments, a new Kuwait University campus, a new oil refinery, oil exploration, new power projects, and a new railway and metro. Private construction and project development, as in other GCC urban centers, is moving forward.
The traditional import sectors of automotive, oil and gas, computers/ICT, telecommunications equipment, and construction equipment remain strong. The Ministry of Education is revising curriculum for primary and secondary schools. There is a shortage of high quality health care facilities, and most building materials are imported. All these factors bode well for high-end exports that already have GCC exposure.
The Commercial Service in Kuwait has identified other opportunities for projects coming on board over an extended period of time. These projects include a proposed $10 billion expansion in needed electricity generation capacity (B.O.T projects), investment in environment cleanup projects, and defense and security opportunities, among others.
Transportation equipment (including automobiles, auto parts and accessories, as well as aircraft) accounts for 44 percent of U.S. exports. U.S. high-end medical equipment has great promise, as clinics and hospitals are being upgraded. Oil and gas field equipment, electric generator sets, building materials and supplies,  and information technology are also leading American export sectors. The Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and its subsidiaries are actively pursuing new U.S. sources for equipment and services. The Commercial Service organizes Kuwaiti delegations to U.S. trade shows in these key sectors. It also supports medical, aviation, defense, and oil and gas trade shows in the GCC region, in addition to organizing inbound U.S. supplier delegations and outbound foreign buyer delegations to U.S. trade shows.
In short, Kuwait is a wealthy country with savvy business people in the private sector. The dominant public sector moves slowly.  Patience, persistence, and a strong local partner are keys to success.

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