Step-by-step Instructions to fill out U.S.-Peru FTA Certificate of Origin.
Last Published: 1/8/2018


Instructions below are provided for completing a certificate of origin for FTA shipments to Peru (source: Implementation Regulations issued by Government of Peru, Supreme Decree no. 003-2009-mincetur). 

Additional information in how to qualify a product and certify origin of goods shipped to Peru under the U.S.-Peru free trade agreement are included in the article on documenting origin

For the purpose of seeking preferential treatment, this document should be filled out completely and legibly by the importer, exporter, or producer of the merchandise. The importer will be responsible for presenting the certificate of origin to request preferential treatment to import goods to the territory.

Field 1: Indicate the importer’s name, address (including the country), telephone number, and email address. If the person issuing the certificate of origin is a producer and does not know the importer write “DESCONOCIDO” (unknown). 

Field 2: Indicate the name, address (including the country) of the exporter, if it is different from the producer. Also indicate the exporter’s telephone number and email, if known.

Field 3: Indicate the producer’s name, address (including the country), telephone number, and email address. If the certificate includes more than one producer, indicate “VARIOS” (various) and attach a list of all of the producers along with their contact information. 

Field 4: If the certificate includes several shipments of identical merchandise described in

Field 5, provide the period of time that the certificate covers (12 month maximum). “FROM/DESDE” is the date from which the certificate will be applicable with respect to the merchandise covered by the certificate. “TO/HASTA” is the date on which the certificate expires. The importation of goods receiving preferential treatment under this certification should take place between these dates.

Field 5: Provide a complete description of the merchandise. The description should be sufficiently detailed in order to match it with the description of the merchandise contents in the invoice(s) and in the Harmonized Tariff Schedule.

Field 6: For the merchandise described in Field 5, identify the tariff classification of 6 or more digits, as is specified for each good in the Rules of Origin. 

Field 7: For the merchandise described in Field 5, indicate the applicable origin criteria according to the corresponding Article of Agreement, as in Annex 3-A (Specific Rules of Origin for textile goods and clothing) and Annex 4.1 (Specific Rules of Origin):
Origin CriteriaArticle of FTA
Merchandise is obtained in its totality or produced entirely in the territory of one or both parties;4.1 (a)
Merchandise is produced entirely in the territory of one of both parties; and
(i) Each material that did not originate in such a territory utilized in the production of the good is subject to corresponding changes in tariff classification specified in Appendix 4.1 or Appendix 3-A of the agreement; or
(ii) The merchandise complies with the corresponding regional content value requirement or another requirement specified in Appendix 4.1 or in Appendix 3-A, and the merchandise satisfies all the rest of the applicable requirements of Chapter 4 of the agreement.
4.1 (b)
The merchandise is produced entirely in the territory of one of both Parties exclusively from materials that originated in one or both 4.1(c)

In cases in which it is possible to apply more than one preferential criteria, indicate the criteria that is being evaluated. In a case where the merchandise is not subject to a VCR requirement, indicate “NO”. If the merchandise is subject to a VCR requirement, identify the utilization method, indicating: 
(1) Method of reduction
(2) Method of increase
(3) Method of net cost
Field 8: If the certificate covers only one shipment, include the invoice number. 

Field 9: Identify the name of the country of origin: “US” for merchandise originating from the United States exported to Peru. 

Field 10: This field should be completed, signed and dated by the source of the certificate of origin (importer, exporter, or producer). The date should be that on which the certificate was completed and signed. 

Field 11: This field only should be used when there exists some observation in relation to this certificate, between others, when the merchandise described in Field 5 was the object of an anticipated resolution or a resolution about classification or value of the materials, indicate the authority source, reference number and the date of issue. 




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