A summary of the Rules of Origin in the U.S.-Israel FTA.
Last Published: 2/2/2018
To satisfy the FTA's rules of origin criteria, one's products must be grown, produced, or manufactured entirely in the United States. If they are not, they must be substantially transformed into new products with a different name, character, or use. For example, one cannot simply combine or repackage his/her products to fulfill this requirement. Also, exporters must export products directly from the United States into Israel - products cannot be sent through a third country. A U.S.-Israel Certificate of Origin must accompany all qualifying goods in order to be accorded the preferences outlines in the FTA.

Products meeting U.S.-Israel FTA Rule of Origin = No (zero) tariff. A product qualifies for FTA tariff treatment if it contains at least 35% American and/or Israeli content. 

Learn more about Rules of Origin by visiting Annex 3 of the U.S.-Israel Free Trade Agreement. 

How to Declare Origin of Your Product visit article on Documenting Origin.


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