Making it clear to site visitors that you are open and capable of handling international sales is at the heart of website internationalization. A Website Globalization Review service from your local Trade Specialist is a great first step to internationalizing your website.
Last Published: 6/18/2019

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Website Internationalization

This is the most common approach for small and mid-sized companies looking to enhance their international marketing and sales efforts. It is relatively easy and inexpensive, but makes an enormous difference in finding and transacting with customers and partners overseas.

Website globalization is a term used to describe the process companies go through to make their websites more effective at reaching potential customers and business partners in other countries. There are typically three phases to the web globalization process:

  • Internationalization: culturally neutral, high-performing regardless of bandwidth, and structured to facilitate translation
  • Regionalization: more focused on a particular region of the world, but not a specific country
  • Localization: modifying a company’s website to specifically focus on a particular country.  We recommend you find a web development professional from our eCommerce Business Service Provider Directory.
To begin internationalizing your website, you first need to do a thorough search engine optimization review of your site, where you will use site analytics to drive your digital strategy. Our Website Globalization Review (WGR) Gap Analysis service provides technical and strategic assessment of a business’s ecommerce sales channel efforts. We recommend working with your local Trade Specialist to internationalize your website as a part of your digital strategy.



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