Includes official and accepted business languages spoken in this country/economy.
Last Published: 8/2/2017

Although English is considered to be the official language of business, it is important to keep in mind that the American accent is very difficult for the Indian ear to understand – likewise, the Indian accent is often difficult for Americans to understand – so at times, we remain divided by a common language.  Remember to speak slowly and clearly.

India has a diverse list of spoken languages among different groups of people. At least 30  different languages  and  around  2000  dialects  have  been  identified,  fifteen  of  which  can  be  found  on  India’s currency in addition to English.  The Constitution of India has stipulated the usage of Hindi as the official language and English as the  associate  official  language  for  official  communication  for  the  national  government.  Additionally, it contains a list of 22 scheduled languages.

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