Includes the U.S. government export controls that companies need to abide by when exporting to this country.
Last Published: 8/2/2017

The Indian and the U.S. governments formed a High Technology Cooperation Group (HTCG) in November 2002 to facilitate and promote high technology bilateral trade.  The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) (formerly  known  as  the  Bureau  of  Export  Administration,  BXA)  is  the  American  government  agency responsible for implementing and enforcing the Export
Administration Regulations (EAR), which regulate the export and re-export of most commercial items. The BIS often refers to the items that they regulate as "dual-use" items, since these items have both commercial and military or proliferation applications, but purely commercial items without an obvious military use are also subject to the EAR. For further inquiries regarding the list of items requiring U.S. export clearance contact:

Director, Office of National Security and Technology Transfer Controls
14th Street and Constitution Avenue, NW U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington DC 20230
Telephone: 202-482-4196   Fax 202-482-4094

For questions regarding end-use checks or to speak with enforcement, please contact: Director, Office of Enforcement Analysis

14th Street and Constitution Avenue, NW Room 4065
U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington DC 20230
Telephone: 202-482-4255   Fax 202-482-0971

In New Delhi, please contact the Bureau of Industry and Security, Jose Rodriguez, Export Control Attaché at

A list that consolidates eleven export screening lists of the Departments of Commerce, State, and the Treasury into a single search as an aid to industry in conducting electronic screens of potential parties to regulated transactions is available online.

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