Includes information on internet accessibility, the cellular phone technology in use, which U.S. cell phone services work in this country, the prevalence of Wi-Fi in hotels, what types of voltage and plugs are used, and other technological information of interest to U.S. businesses.
Last Published: 8/2/2017

The cellular phone technology predominately used in India is GSM; however, CDMA network service is available.  Although likely expensive, this means that if your current U.S. cell phone is enabled with international calling (contact your service provider to make sure), you can take it and use it in India.

If your U.S. cell phone is “frequency unlocked” (contact your service provider to find out), then you can also use your U.S. cell phone by replacing its SIM card for one serviced by a local operator.

Possession and import of satellite-based communication devices is unlawful in India.  It is advisable to contact the Embassy of India in Washington or one of India's consulates in the United States for specific information regarding this and other customs restrictions. More information is available from the Indian Central Board of Excise and Customs.

Although speeds vary, virtually all hotels are equipped with internet and Wi-Fi.

Voltage in India is 230 volts and plugs are International Electrotechnical Commission Type C and D.  You will need a voltage converter and plug adapter in order to use U.S. appliances.

While telecommunication service is generally adequate in India, knowing what digits to dial can be a little complicated, especially between landlines and cell phones, and when making international calls.   The following dialing instructions are worth keeping handy:

AC = area code
CC = country code

Caller in USA to Local Cell Phone [011] + 91+Local Cell number
Caller in USA to Local Landline [011] + 91+AC+Number

Local landline to international number                              00+CC+AC+Number
Local landline to local long distance                                    0+AC+Number

Local Landline to Local Cell phoneLocal cell number
Local Cell to India Landline0+AC+number
Local Cell to Local CellLocal   cell   number
Local Cell to Local Cell (in another city) 0+Cell number
Local Cell to International long distance00+CC+AC+Number

The country code for India is 91
Major Indian area codes:

Ahmedabad       79
Bangalore          80
Chennai              44
Delhi                    11
Hyderabad         40
Kolkata               33
Mumbai              22
Pune                    20

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