Provides advice on how to perform due diligence and in what areas it is necessary for a U.S. company. Includes information on the U.S. Commercial Service International Company Profile service.
Last Published: 10/10/2018

The U.S. Commercial Service emphasizes the need for exercising prudent procedures and practices in all international business transactions.  Every U.S. exporter is advised to conduct comprehensive due diligence on potential partners in any foreign market to meet obligations under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977.
An International Company Profile (ICP) is a due-diligence check that helps U.S. companies evaluates potential business partners.  The report includes factual data as well as U.S. Commercial Service India’s evaluation to help U.S. firms assess risk, reliability, and capability.  The ICP analyzes the overall strength of an Indian company and provides useful information collected from our industry contacts, local publications/press, and other sources. An ICP provides: 

  • A detailed background report, based on a variety of research sources, including an on-site visit by a Commercial Specialist
  • A listing of the company's senior management
  • Main business activities and product/service lines
  • Comments from company references
  • Banking and financial information [note: an ICP is not a credit report and, therefore may not contain the detailed financial information that is obtainable from mercantile credit agencies.  However, reliable basic financial information is included in the report]
  • CS India insight on whether the prospective partner can meet your needs - trading experience, market coverage, stature, business connections in the country.

India has signed several major IPR treaties, such as the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property, the Berne Convention for Literary and Artistic Works, the Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks), and the Patent Cooperation Treaty (except Article 59).

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