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Last Published: 2/14/2019


In Haiti, construction is often viewed as one of the most dynamic sectors with multiple stakeholders actively engaging in several types of infrastructure projects, as companies face very few regulatory issues in this sector. Public infrastructure projects are one of the largest employers in the Haitian economy.  Low interest oil agreements from Venezuela, known as Petro Caribe, funded many large-scale government infrastructure projects; however, this aid has decreased considerably in recent years. 
There are roughly 300 firms and building contractors operating in Port-au-Prince as well as a handful of subcontractors and certified engineers scattered throughout the country. The sector also includes hundreds of retail stores selling in their immediate communities after purchasing from wholesalers who import large containers from Miami. A majority of contractors prefer the quality of imported materials, especially from the U.S., over the locally produced products. 
Prefabricated components, electrical equipment, construction material, and heavy equipment are imported from the U.S., Taiwan, and China. This suggests that opportunities exist for U.S. firms and suppliers to capitalize on their ability to supply a large volume of quality materials, and their capacity to manage large-scale and complex infrastructure projects. Other lucrative markets include iron bars, ceramic, lime, and cement, with imports valued at $109 million in 2017. 

Total Local Production0000
Total Exports0000
Total Imports / World154.44154.7470.91109
Imports from the US
Total Market Size154.44154.7470.91109

 (Total market size = (total local production + imports) - exports)

Leading Sub-Sectors

The Ministry of Public Works has managed several large infrastructure projects financed by the United Nations, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and the European Union, in which new road machinery and equipment were necessary.  Although the intensity of the construction process has slowed, there is still a market for U.S. manufacturers of heavy equipment for roads, construction and watershed protection. There is also a market for machinery and automotive parts and service equipment. In the construction sector, the most commonly imported materials include: construction materials, soft and hardwood, cement, finished hardwood and pre-fabricated components, iron bars, and ceramic products. 
The total value of construction materials imported to Haiti in 2017 was estimated at $109 million. Imports remained relatively stable at $70.91 million in 2017. Construction material imports decreased during 2016, and were valued at $70.91 million. Major landmarks including the Presidential palace, the cathedral and the administrative city of Port-au-Prince are still in need of reconstruction. Additionally, there are projects for water and drainage work, road improvements, environmental protection, sanitation, a communications network, and reconstruction of the old city of Port-au-Prince, including the National Palace.
Opportunities exist for international construction firms to undertake infrastructure projects, including commercial buildings, ports, and roads in Haiti. There is a lucrative market for house furnishings and apppliances, with imports valued at $20 million in 2017. Total imports for prefabricated building reached $6.52 million with 72 percent of the value coming from the U.S. 

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Direction National de l’Eau Potable et de l”Assainissement (DINEPA)
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Tel: (509) 509-2813-1282 / 509-2813-1283 / 509-2813-1285
(Mr. Guito Edouard, General Director)
Commission Nationale des Marchés Publics
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PO BOX 15220
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Phone: (509) 2943-0545
Minister of Public Works, Transports and Communications
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Fax: (509) 2223-4519
Haitian Association of Construction Companies
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Tel: (509) 3933-5707

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