Includes typical use of agents and distributors and how to find a good partner, e.g., whether use of an agent or distributor is legally required.
Last Published: 12/3/2018

While it is not legally required by Ghanaian law to do so (in most cases), the U.S. Commercial Service in Ghana has noted that U.S. companies who retain a local, experienced representative in Ghana experience fewer problems and a greater level of success when entering the market. For this reason, the U.S. Commercial Service in Ghana highly recommends that U.S. companies use a local business partner to help them succeed in the Ghanaian market. In some industry sectors, notably the oil and gas sector, U.S. firms may be required to operate through a local partner.

When choosing a Ghanaian business partner, some important factors may be:

  • The agent or distributor chosen understands the local economy and import/export regulations;
  • The potential business partner has sufficient experience working with international companies in the same or a related sector;
  • The Ghanaian company shares the same expectations as its potential U.S. partner. It is common for West African companies to overestimate the viability of commercial opportunities in their markets.
  • If the exported product requires maintenance and servicing, that qualified personnel and a reasonable inventory of spare parts will be available for buyers;
  • Whether exclusivity is a priority for a distributor or agent (note that most agents and distributors in Ghana represent several product lines so an exclusive agent/distributor may be more difficult to find); and
  • The agent or distributor has been subject to a thorough due diligence. (Based on past experience with U.S. companies who did not conduct due diligence prior to commencing a business relationship in Ghana, we highly recommend this step.)

CS Ghana can assist U.S. companies to find a local business partner or to conduct due diligence on a potential partner. Please see the following link for more information on the services offered.

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