Overview of best prospect sectors, major infrastructure projects, significant government procurements and business opportunities
Last Published: 12/3/2018
Ghana’s electric power production has not kept pace with growth over the past several decades; the country still relies on hydropower for approximately 50 percent of its power production. With the assistance of a range of international development agencies, Ghana will be investing significant resources in the design and construction of a number of thermal power plants and will be upgrading its transmission and distribution systems. Renewable energy (other than hydro power) currently accounts for about one percent of total power generation but the government has a stated goal to increase renewable energy to ten percent of total power production by 2020.

As oil and gas production shows moderate growth, opportunities for auxiliary services to the industry will continue to rise. Although Nigeria remains the sectorial hub for West Africa, the relative ease of doing business in Ghana likely will attract a greater number of companies to establish a local or even regional presence in the market.

The mining sector, including gold, bauxite, manganese and diamonds, is a significant part of the Ghanaian economy. Goods and services to this sector represent a significant opportunity for U.S. companies. The Ghanaian government is pursuing the expansion of local value added processing.

The Ghanaian construction industry has demonstrated sustained growth with major construction activities in the roads, highways and bridges sectors, coastal works and residential accommodation. Success in this sector will be closely tied to the availability of appropriate financing opportunities. Construction equipment, particularly re-conditioned equipment, is likely to continue to be a promising sub-sector.

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