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Last Published: 12/3/2018
U.S. brands of construction equipment dominate the high end of Ghana’s construction sector. Companies like Caterpillar, John Deere, Cummins and others have a long track record in West Africa and are well established, recognized and highly valued. Recent competition from China however has eroded opportunities in the lower tiers of the equipment sector.

Activity in the construction market in Ghana has in recent years been focused primarily on the non-governmental space while the country’s ability to finance state-backed projects has deteriorated. Companies looking for opportunities in Ghana’s construction equipment sector should keep a close eye on financing opportunities and closely track private sector projects.

Ghana has neglected much of its infrastructure and in many cases there is a chronic need for upgrades to roads, bridges, ports, rail links and airports. The current IMF program will limit the Government of Ghana’s ability to take on new debt loaded needed to finance many of these infrastructure projects, but there is hope that in the mid to long term the country’s finances will get back on track. Companies that establish themselves to take advantage of opportunities on the horizon will be at a competitive advantage over other suppliers.
As with many others opportunities in Ghana, financing plays a key role in the construction equipment sector.

Sub-Sector Best Prospects
Used and refurbished equipment from respected global brands have the most immediate opportunities for success in Ghana. Exporters should seek to identify reliable partners that can represent their company’s interests on the ground in West Africa.

The Commercial Service in Ghana maintains close contacts with distributors of U.S. manufactured construction equipment. For the most current information on recent developments, please contact the U.S. Commercial Service Ghana.
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