The United States has 14 FTAs currently in force with 20 countries.
Last Published: 3/22/2018

With which countries does the United States have an FTA?

The United States has 14 FTAs in force with 20 countries: Australia; Bahrain; Chile; Colombia; DR-CAFTA: Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, & Nicaragua; Israel; Jordan; Korea; Morocco; NAFTA: Canada & Mexico; Oman; Panama; Peru; and Singapore.  

How can U.S. companies identify tariffs on exports to FTA partner countries?

The  FTA Tariff Tool can help you determine the tariff, or tax at the border, that U.S. FTA partners will collect when a U.S. exported product that meets the FTA rule of origin enters the
country. You can look up the tariff rate for a given product today, as well as identify when in the future the tariff rate will go down further or be eliminated altogether.

Learn more about FTAs tips and how to get help by watching a video Make the Export Sale: U.S, Free Trade Agreements.



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