An overview of important regulations to consider when exporting. This information is part of "A Basic Guide to Exporting" provided by the U.S. Commercial Service to assist U.S. companies with exporting.
Last Published: 7/9/2016
The Export Administration Regulations (EAR) govern the export and reexport of items for reasons of national security, nonproliferation, foreign policy, short supply, crime control, and anti-terrorism. A relatively small percentage of exports and reexports require the submission of a license application to the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS). Licensing is dependent on an item’s technical characteristics, destination, end use, and end-user. Once a classification has been determined, exporters may consult the EAR, including its single country regulation chart, to decide whether a license is needed to export to a particular destination or end-user. The regulations include answers to frequently asked questions, detailed step-by-step instructions for finding out whether a transaction is subject to the regulations, instructions for requesting a commodity classification or advisory opinion, and directions for applying for a license. If you have questions about whether your products require a license, your local U.S. Commercial Service office can help you.

Foreign Trade Regulations