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Last Published: 6/5/2016

The EU is thought to have a generally transparent regulatory regime.  The Commission, which has the sole authority to propose EU-level laws and regulations, issues an Annual Work Program ( setting forth its intent to legislate in certain areas, followed generally by roadmaps with respect to a specific area, and eventually a formal legislative proposal. Information regarding ongoing legislative files, including opportunities to provide comments on proposals where applicable, may be found here: The member state ministers and experts examine and amend these proposals in Council in tandem with European Parliament consideration of them; Council decisions and Parliament amendments are publicly available.  Informal working documents are not published, but interested parties usually can get fairly detailed information as these processes unfold.  All adopted measures are published in all EU languages in the EU’s Official Journal, which is available online.  

For specific information on member states’ openness to foreign investment, please consult the Commerce Department’s Country Commercial Guides of the 28 EU member states found at the following website: EU Member States' Country Commercial Guides .

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