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Last Published: 3/27/2017

ISCO Industries

ISCO’s export sales provided financial stability during market downturns, while protecting Kentucky jobs

Exports Protect Kentucky-based Jobs

ISCO Industries was founded in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1962. Exporting is important to ISCO for the financial diversification it brings to the company. By selling its products overseas, ISCO has been able to generate multiple streams of income which helps provide financial stability during market downturns.

The U.S. Commercial Service recently introduced ISCO to new buyers in India and Australia and helped them examine and solve market entry issues in Brazil.

ISCO credits the U.S. Commercial Service with helping them better understand the complexities of international markets and for setting up quality meetings with new overseas buyers and potential partners.

ISCO has been a recipient of the U.S. government’s Presidential E-Award for Excellence in Exporting.

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