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Last Published: 10/19/2018


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Sources: Unofficial estimates (products including HS 9018, 9019, 9021, 9022); Czech Statistical Office. Exchange rates: U.S. Treasury Department.

The Czech Republic ranked 37th overall in the Department of Commerce 2016 Top Markets Study (TMS). The Czech market for exports and imports is closely tied with the German market which ranked first in the same report. The health care sector is very active in the Czech Republic. Although domestic manufacturers are increasingly competitive, the majority of medical devices used in the Czech Republic are imported. Germany dominates the market and is followed by the United States. American products, particularly high-tech equipment, have a good reputation for quality.

The Czech healthcare system is predominantly financed by the public sector through mandatory insurance contributions. In 2016, most expenditures (government or personal) were covered by mandatory healthcare insurance and other public sources (82.4 percent). Private expenditure accounted for 17.6 percent (the OECD average is around 20 percent). The Czech Republic spends around 7.5 percent of its GDP on healthcare each year. The use of health services is among the highest in the OECD. This may be due to patients perceiving medical services as being free of charge (according to the Czech Constitution, everyone is entitled to the best available care). The health system is heavily regulated.

There are 188 hospitals in the Czech Republic, ten of which are faculty hospitals directly managed by the Ministry of Health. Czech hospitals and clinics are looking for quality products to keep pace with the latest trends in the sector. The Czech Republic offers excellent opportunities for medical device companies. eHealth and telemedicine are much-discussed topics in the Czech Republic. The Czech Ministry of Health introduced a new National Concept of eHealth for 2014-2020 which should help to establish a politically acceptable program for the national introduction of eHealth in the future. The introduction of eHealth faces challenges including the low motivation of market constituents (e.g., doctors, patients, state institutions, etc.), limited legislation in this area, and a lack of financing. The Czech Government is looking into the possibility of obtaining EU funds to help introduce eHealth throughout the country. The Vysocina and Karlovy Vary regions have already introduced some small-scale eHealth projects. Similarly, the plan for potential EU funding is to start with smaller pilot projects.

The Czech Republic is a popular destination for medical tourism. It is known for reasonably priced and quality treatment. Aesthetic medicine procedures, IVD treatment, obesity treatment, and gynecological procedures are in the highest demand.

Leading Sub-Sectors
The best market opportunities exist for cutting-edge, high quality, and technically sophisticated medical equipment, especially equipment that increases efficiency and reduces occupancy rates in hospitals. Products, such as those listed below, have the best sales potential in the Czech market:

  • Minimally invasive surgery (MIS)

  • Patient monitoring systems

  • Telemedicine & eHealth

  • Home-care equipment


Czech institutions are very interested in partnering with U.S. companies, hospitals, and universities to create medical research partnerships.
In November 2016, the Czech government allocated $336 million to invest in the modernization of seven large state run hospitals over the next decade.


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