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Last Published: 8/1/2017
Colombia Power Generation Equipment Production Data (USD thousands)
Year201520162017 (Estimated)
Local Production255250255
Total Market Size1,1351,205905
Exchange Rates2,748.783,050.15 
Total market size = [(total local production + imports) – exports]

Colombia’s installed electric power generation capacity currently stands at 16,501 MW. Hydro-based capacity’s share is 66 percent, with the remainder being generated by gas and coal-fired power plants (28.9 percent), and small hydro and cogeneration facilities. By 2028, the Government of Colombia has projected the installed capacity will reach 25,188 MW, with an increased reliance on large-scale hydro due to natural gas production and distribution concerns.
With the approval of Law 1715 in 2014, the government aims to promote private ventures with large-scale renewable energy projects to be incorporated in the national grid system, as well as promote energy efficiency and the implementation of demand-side management systems. Currently, experts from the Energy and Gas Regulatory Commission (CREG) and Mining and Energy Planning Unit (UPME) are developing regulatory measures that will support a suitable environment for solar photovoltaic, wind, and geothermal power projects to be competitive and complement the existing power grid, with improved system reliability.

However, industry sources continue to express major concerns about the lack of progress with regards to environmental licensing and negotiations with local communities as these continue to affect all areas of infrastructure development, especially the energy and extractive industries. 

Colombian imports of electric power generation equipment benefit from proximity to the U.S. and from the U.S.-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement, which eliminated Colombian import duties on equipment, spare parts, and accessories for the power generation sector.

Leading Sub-Sectors
  • Generators;
  • Industrial controls;
  • Motors;
  • Power, distribution, and specialty transformers;
  • Steam, gas, and hydraulic turbines;
  • Switchgears;
  • Turbine generator sets. 
The outlook for the Colombian electricity sector is promising since the government is planning to develop several new power generation projects, mostly hydro, to accommodate growing demand through 2028. The government believes that by 2028 new power projects will join the national interconnected system to reach 25,188 MW of installed capacity, based on initial expressions of interest, including hydro (13,400 MW), natural gas (3,841 MW), coal (2,075 MW), minor plants (1,421 MW) and the development of large-scale renewables such as wind (1,370 MW), solar (239.2 MW), and geothermal (375 MW). 

The U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) is supporting power generation projects in Colombia through a feasibility study grant to Medellin-based energy company ISAGEN to assess the viability of developing a 50 MW geothermal power generation project. USTDA also awarded a grant to the electric utility Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM) to evaluate the technical, economic and financial feasibility of constructing geothermal power plants in Colombia's Nereidas Valley. USTDA has been active in Colombia supporting projects that demonstrate the advantages of demand-side management and smart grid technologies and that assess large-scale energy storage solutions to improve the nation’s high-voltage transmission and distribution network.

Trade Events
International Fair on the Electric Sector (FISE) 2017
November 29 - December 1, 2017
Plaza Mayo Convention and Exhibition Center
Medellín, Colombia

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ISAGEN Power Generation
Medellín Public Enterprises (EPM)
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National Planning Department (DNP)
U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA)

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