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Last Published: 8/1/2017
Key Macroeconomic Data, U.S. FDI in Colombia
 Host Country Statistical source*USG or international statistical sourceUSG or International Source of Data:  BEA; IMF; Eurostat; UNCTAD, Other
Economic DataYearAmountYearAmount 
Host Country Gross Domestic Product (GDP) ($M USD)2016$287,5582016$274,135IMF
Foreign Direct InvestmentHost Country Statistical source*USG or international statistical sourceUSG or international Source of data:  BEA; IMF; Eurostat; UNCTAD, Other
U.S. FDI in partner country ($M USD, stock positions)2016$2,1402016-$319BEA
Host country’s FDI in the United States ($M USD, stock positions)2016$1.52016$0BEA
Total inbound stock of FDI as % host GDP20164.7%2016N/AN/A
Sources: Colombian Statistics Bureau (DANE) & Colombian Central Bank      

Sources and Destination of FDI
Direct Investment from/in Counterpart Economy Data
From Top Five Sources/To Top Five Destinations (US Dollars, Millions)
Inward Direct InvestmentOutward Direct Investment
Total Inward13.593100%Total Outward4.516100%
Canada2.16316.1%British Virgen Isl.940 21%
United States2.14015.7%Chile63014%
"0" reflects amounts rounded to +/- USD 500,000.
Sources of Portfolio Investment
Portfolio Investment Assets (June 2016) 
Top Five Partners (Millions, US Dollars) 
TotalEquity SecuritiesTotal Debt Securities 
All Countries 28.552100%All Countries17.410100%All Countries11.142100%
United States18.63765%United States13.07575%United States5.58450%
Luxembourg3.38512%Luxembourg3.19118%International Organizations8287%
International Organizations8413%Cayman Islands2371%Netherlands5335%
Netherlands5332%United Kingdom1751% 
Source: Colombian Central Bank

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