Includes the local currency, other currencies commonly accepted and where, credit or debit cards accepted, access to ATMs that accept U.S. ATM networks (and which networks are readily accessible), and acceptability of travelers checks.
Last Published: 7/31/2017
The Colombian Peso (COP) is the official currency in Colombia. The abbreviation is COP when researching exchange rates.  The Peso currently has five types of coins and six different denominations of bills and is represented by the symbol ($).

The Colombian Peso has been the official currency in circulation in Colombia since 1810, the year in which it replaced the Real. The currency is controlled by the Bank of the Republic of Colombia. The coin with the lowest value is fifty pesos ($50) and the bill with the highest value is one hundred thousand pesos ($100,000).

In 2016 the Bank of the Republic of Colombia created a new series of bills and coins that includes bills of $2,000 pesos, $5,000 pesos, $20,000 pesos, $50,000 pesos and $100,000 pesos; and coins of $50 pesos, $100 pesos, $200 pesos, $500 pesos and $1,000 pesos. Coins and bills of the old and new series are currently in circulation in Colombia and the old series are equally accepted in commercial transactions. Banks continue to circulate coins and bills of the previous series but these will eventually be removed from circulation so that only coins and bills of the new series remain.

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